Recording Flamenco Guitars Live Webinar 18th June!

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TOPIC : Recording Flamenco Guitars ( the spanish way! )

I will be using classic DPA mics along with some new ones just released. I will be covering from basic techniques to very quirky ones!

Tony Calvo will be playing flamenco guitar showcasing some new stuff for MINOLOGY II album.

Check it out!

Jonny webinar

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Impresionante Mixdown for Minology II album

on Saturday 29th March 2014 the track finally got mixed in the Neve room
Session started at 12pm and finished at 2am.
An easy track to mix although very difficult to create the space the track deserved. Most of the time I spent working out the reverbs and delays for key elements in the mix.
Studer A800 tape machine was used to run some elements through tape sounding very good.
This track is EPIC!!

In the mix

In the mix

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