Javier Moreno & Amigos Video

I recorded Javier Moreno & Amigos in the studio as a live to stereo recording onto 2 tracks DSD conversion. Javier was awarded as best latin american singer in the 2014 LUKAS latino grammy awards.

The band performed live in our live room 1 at SSR London through our Neve VR console, using very high quality A/D’s and carefully placed microphones, EQ, compression and some reverb, the whole performance came together.

This is just a quick video of the recording.

For any questions you can email me : music@jonathanespinosa.com

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Minology – Making of the album Masterclass

Head of Audio at SSR London, Jonathan Espinosa, is offering students and friends of SSR an exclusive insight into the recording and production process that went into the making of his second artist album; Minology.

In this masterclass, Jonathan will be breaking down one of the most complex tracks on the album, The Cliff, from original idea, to demo, to final production.

He will be discussing the various production techniques he used, the challenges he faced along the way and how he overcame them, not to mention sharing plenty of tips and tricks that could be applied to your own productions.

Attendees will also be able to learn how this master of music production and audio engineering produces his distinctive sound. Jonathan is a true expert and audiophile and we are very excited to have him break down an as yet unreleased track. The album is due to be released later in the year.


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Recording vocals with Sanwal

Minology has been working recently on a track for the album with Sanwal.
Writing / recording sessions took place mid December 2014 at SSR studios.
Vocal went through : Neumann vintage U87 P48 – Neve 1073 – Shadow Hills optical compressor

This track is an old one that got written in 2010 and was left in the dark for a long time, real strings were recorded, double bass, bansuri, and tons of acoustic instruments.
A very nostalgic, beautiful composition that will for sure trigger lots of emotions in your head…

Tracking vocals

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Javier Moreno & Amigos in the studio

Javier Moreno, one of the LUKAS 2014 awards winners, recorded few tracks at SSR Studio with his band engineered by Jonathan Espinosa.
The session consisted in recording from Rumbas to Bulerias all live multi tracked in the studio.
We had a little “fiesta” while recording these tracks, as all spanish flamenco people do when playing in the studio, and tracks turned out sounding very good.

It was a pleasure to meet Javier and the crew and look forward to do more stuff with them in the future.


In the studio

In the studio

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Joao Caetano playing for Minology II album..

Today Joao came to SSR to record percussion for DPA microphones and Jonathan Espinosa recorded him for one of the tracks of the Album Minology II… Tarantula!
Setup was OH DPA 4011’s and for spot mics 2011’s and 4011 as well through the Neve VR60.
Amazing sound, amazing percussionist.

Thanks Joao!

Joao at percussion

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